By Raychel Harvey-Jones

By Raychel Harvey-Jones

Photo: Stan Barouh

Photo Credit: Stephanie Pistel

'Duran Duran' at the MGM National Harbor


By Raychel Harvey-Jones

A church in the Hampden area of Baltimore dating back to the 1800s playing the sounds of Lily Allen–wait am I in London?

Kicking off the Charm City Fringe Festival, I headed out to see “The Shoemaker ‘s Holiday” on Friday, November 4th at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory. This play, once banned in England dubbed vulgar and lewd hits Baltimore audiences for the first time and you will not be disappointed. You can check out the full review HERE.

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‘Mary Poppins’ at The Olney Theatre Center

Photo: Will Kirk

‘The Shoemaker’s Holiday’ at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

"Growing up in the theatre world, I know the hard work and dedication it takes to make a show successful. Reviewing shows in the Metro DC area is my way of supporting the arts, and enjoying some of the amazing talent there is to offer off broadway!"   ....Raychel Harvey-Jones

January 1, 2017.

#2017 Great way to start the new year, interviewing and reviewing 'Duran Duran' at the new MGM at National Harbor.   Check out the full review HERE

Raychel Harvey-Jones

Magnificent! Great singing and dancing from a meticulously choreographed cast who know how to step in time!
A childhood favorite and staple of growing up in Britain I signed up to review “Mary Poppins” faster than you can say Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious!

Check out the full review HERE.